Why You Should Use Wedding E-invites

April 24, 2018 Wedding Planning

Planning for your wedding can be quite overwhelming. This is true especially when you have to plan for every single detail and spend for all the expenses. A lot of people these days are preferring e-vites or electronic invites for their wedding. Below are reasons why you should be considering Wedding E-invites instead of regular invitations for your special day.

Ease of preparation

If you have to create a traditional wedding invite, there are several steps involved. You have to visit invitation stores, pick up designs you prefer, work on the colors and text, proofread it, send it out for printing and wait for a couple of weeks before you can receive them. With Wedding E-invites, the process takes very less time. You can create your own card if you can work on editing software. You can finish the copy and start sending them out right away.


These Wedding E-invites are definitely so affordable when compared to printed cards. If you are really tight on budgets, you can pick from a number of free online themes and just tweak the content. This will cost you nothing and still serve the purpose. If you are ready to spend some money, there are beautiful designs available for you to buy online.

Responsive RSVP

When you send a printed invitation, you usually send pre-stamped RSVP cards along with it. Your guests will have to fill these up and drop them in the mail. You can only imagine the time wasted in this process. When you pick E-invites, there are so many ways you can receive immediate RSVPs. These also don’t cost you anything and save time for you and your guests.

Going green

If you feel strongly about preventing the unwanted use of paper, then again Wedding E-invites are your perfect solution. You save all the papers wasted in printed copies and envelopes.

Easy updates

Assume for a second that there is an unforeseen change in your wedding time or venue. Reaching out to all the guests at the last minute is next to impossible. When the Wedding E-invites are synced with your guests’ calendar, any changes and updates take just a second. Almost everybody is digitally active these days. Reaching out to them this way is faster and smarter.

Social connectivity

There are a few E-invites that help everyone see and connect with other guests who have RSVP-ed. This is a great way for all of them to stay connected before and during the actual event. This is a good way for people to know who else was invited without asking around.

Unlimited customization and rich graphics

There are certain limitations of paper invitations. You cannot recreate everything you have in mind on a piece of paper. However, digitally, the sky is your limit. There are couples who go out of their way to create cartoons and graphics to depict their special day. You can also think of small video additions and GIFs that make your guests smile.

Polls and discussion forums

Sending out a digital invite and linking a chat space to it will help your guests work on minor details like sharing cabs. You can also create polls asking for what alcohol is preferred and what kind of music your guests would like for the after party. All these are smaller ways to make your guests feel important and cherished.
So on your special day, save money, save the environment and impress your guests with beautiful and smart Wedding E-invites.