What Your Living Room Decor Says About You

April 17, 2018 Interiors

Your clothes and fashion choices offer a sneak peek into your personality, and so does your home. Your living room décor, design, and color choices say a lot about your lifestyle, family, as well as your current state of mind. The living room is the first room most guests will see and they might also end up hanging out there more than in any other place in the house. Every time you do up your living room, design it, buy something new or just repaint it, you unwittingly make it an expression of your temperament. Here are a few things that are immediate giveaways. Check how many you agree with.

  • Layout – An open layout indicates that you are a keen observer of architectural trends. You also love entertaining guests and friends in your home and do not mind them bringing their kids or pets along. The chaos of family gatherings does not scare you. In fact, you love being in the middle of it all. The need to spend time with people, even if it is just your better half, trumps your need for private space.
  • Color scheme – If you have chosen a neutral colored theme for your living room décor, you are likely to be self-assured and not easily influenced by often-changing trends. Your friends and family will vouch for your down-to-Earth attitude and your practical approach to life. You are comfortable with letting others take the spotlight and do not fear being in the background.

If you go for bright colors, you are somebody who marches to your drum. You are usually the one who loves all the attention at a party and do not shy away from the spotlight. Much like your living room décor, your wardrobe too is an extension of your bright and colorful personality.

  • Eclectic living room décor – A living room with everything coordinated generally indicates that you got inspired by Pinterest or a home décor magazine and went all out to get a similar look. On the other hand, a living room filled with eclectic accessories showcases your travels and evolving tastes.
  • Throws and pillows – The occasional guest might gawk at the dozens of pillows, puffs, rugs, and throws in your living room, but most of us would love to hang out in your home. A living room décor with a lot of throws, cushions, and pillows, tends to belong to a gregarious personality. When you tell your guests to feel ‘at home’, you do actually mean that.
  • Some clutter – If you have kids of your own, or kids who visit often, then letting down your hair with the kids or unwinding after a long day may be more important for you than keeping a spic and span living room. You might also have a pet or two. Not aiming for perfection, you laugh easily and while you take a lot of joy in your home, you do not let clutter take the life out of your living room. You go ahead and welcome everyone with your personality.
  • A green corner – You have a plant or two up on the shelves in addition to the big planter in one or more corners of your living room. You tend to be more outdoorsy and a nature lover. You love hiking and tend to bring back a few keepsakes as a way to bring a piece of nature with you.