What Biotin Shampoos Can Do For Your Hair

May 13, 2018 Hair Tips
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Hair is a feature of the body that everyone focuses on. Be it job interviews, club appearances, travelling or just heading out for a walk, your hairstyle decides your appearance and is a major factor on which you are judged upon. Over the decades people have been turning to different ideas to enhance their hair game. For instance highlights, braiding, dreadlocks, straightening, man buns etc. But despite these styling techniques, your hair often tends to get damaged without constant care, which many of us fail to provide. These days we’re surrounded by so many hazards to our hair that are beyond our control, and thus we need an effective hair supplement.

Lately, biotin shampoos have been gaining popularity. Read on to learn all the ways biotin shampoos can benefit your hair:

Promotes hair growth:

Vitamins are an essential part of the overall growth of our body, and our hair growth is no different. It also relies on selected vitamins for its growth and nourishment. Biotin is considered as a vital nutrient for our hair growth, as biotin deficiency leads to breakage of hair and hair damages too. According to research conducted by hair experts, products consisting of biotin supplements in them had a proven effect on the user’s hair growth and nourishment. The subjects reported a rapid rise in their hair growth and a sudden reduction in the existing hair fall. The research has clearly indicated that biotin or Vitamin B7 is essential for the regeneration of the hair follicles on your scalp.

Thoroughly cleans hair:

Your hair can suffer significant damage if not cleaned properly. Dirt particles can hamper your hair by causing roughness, dryness, split ends and the accumulation of dandruff on your hair, which could eventually lead to hair fall and serious damage. The biotin shampoos consist of great cleaning agents which thoroughly cleanse your hair, makes your hair free from dirt particles, and gives you dirt free nourished hair.

Offers color protection:

More and more people are turning to hair colors and highlights to add a little extra oomph or style to their hair. These additions are expensive indeed. As biotin shampoos offer a sulfate free cleansing, all your hair color additions would be safe and sound.

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Treats hair disorders:

Hair experts and specialists often recommend the use of biotin supplements to treat hair related disorders in both children and adults. According to the case studies and research carried out at University of Maryland Medical Center, biotin has proved to be vital in the treatment of patients suffering from alopecia (partial or complete hair loss). The patients noticed a significant relief in their symptoms from the use of biotin shampoos and hair supplements.

Strengthens your hair:

Hair experts and scientists have stated on many occasions that biotin or the supplements carrying biotin, helps in the regeneration and strengthening of hair. Shampoos which consist of Biotin/Vitamin B7 might often help in hair related issues like dryness, roughness, flaky scalps and many more hair related problems – all of which can heavily affect the strength and growth of your hair and might even lead to severe hair fall, or related problems like alopecia.

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Adds shine and lustre:

Biotin shampoos consist of nutrients like keratin and other vital nutrients which are responsible for nourishing your hair and giving it a shiny look. The nourishing agents and vitamins in the shampoo ensure that your hair has a healthier, shinier and a fresher look. Once the distribution of nutrients to the strands of your hair begins, each of your hair strands reaches the final stages of its growth cycle.

Removes foul smell from your hair:

No one wants their hair to smell foul. Biotin shampoos contain cleansing agents which are free from harmful chemicals and contain nutrients which not only cleanse the scalp but also eradicate any foul smell that may emanate from it.