The Sensational Music Videos Already Trending in 2018

March 23, 2018 Music

You know a year is truly going to be a musical paradise when the dawn of it blesses us with such awesome music videos. These videos owe their swiftly earned popularity to their great music and their stunning cinematography.

Let’s look at some of the music videos that have already taken the world by storm in 2018.

1. End Game: How can a Taylor Swift number not be a trending one. When it comes to music videos, she knows how to double the subscribers within minutes. The music video was released on 10th Jan 2018. This was Swift’s seventh video, which was directed by Joseph Kahn. The song was written by Swift, Max Martin, Shellback, Ed Sheeran, and Wilburn. The song featured 4 time Grammy winner Ed Sheeran and rapper Future along with pop star Taylor Swift. The video was such a hit that it had about 14.4 million views in a day. The video currently has over 110+ million views and still counting. Chances are, you’ve probably watched it to! If you haven’t, it’s time to change that…immediately.

2. Trap: This Latin trap number is Shakira’s single from the album El Dorado. This is her fourth single from the album. This song features Maluma, from her previous hit ‘Chantaje’. It’s become a trend for Shakira’s music videos to go viral as soon as they are released. The video was released on 26th Jan 2018 and was viewed worldwide through the wonders of YouTube. Within a few weeks of its release, it topped two of the US Billboard’s – Hot Latin songs and Latin Pop Songs. The music video has 80+ million views and still counting. You’re sure to enjoy this sizzling video. Watch it if you haven’t already!

3. Say Something: This country rock number is a single from the album Man of the Woods. It’s a Justin Timberlake single in which American singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton also participated. The music video was released on 25 Jan 2018 on Justin Timberlake’s Vevo YouTube channel. Justin Timberlake is the producer, writer, and singer of the song. It was released under the label RCA. The video features a band playing the song at different locations in a house. It is directed by La Blogothèque. It’s truly a beautiful music video, and is highly recommended for all the lovers out there!

4. For You: This song by Liam and Rita is a Synth-pop. Released under the label Universal Studios and Atlantic, it was written by Ali and Andrew Watt. It fluidly made a rank on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the US Mainstream Top 40. Apart from that, it topped the charts of various countries, including the UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and many more. The music video was released on 26th Jan 2018 and we can see the views piling up to make a new record. Both Liam and Rita would surely entice you by their looks. The video is shot at a number of beautiful locations. The direction is definitely to the mark. One of the best romantic music videos of the year, and without a doubt, a must watch!

5. River: Well, how can the ‘Rap God’ not be a part of this musical year. A single Folk Rock number released on 5th Jan 2018 sung by none other than Eminem. This song also featured four time Grammy award winner, Ed Sheeran. It was one of the toppers of the US Billboard – Hot 100. It has also topped three other Billboards of the US. It was even No. 1 on the UK singles chart. The music video was released on the Valentine’s Day, this year. It was flooded with five million views in a day. CURRENTLY, it has over 40+ million views and over one million likes. If you really are a rap fan, you’ll not be able to resist watching it.