The Right Way to Choose a Hair Curling Iron

April 24, 2018 Hair Tips

Every woman needs a curling iron, especially since you never know when you need to look your best! Well, keeping your hair washed and well-styled is a great way to attract attention to your looks. But one sure-shot way of ensuring that you are the center of attention is to style your hair using a hair curling iron. It has become really easy to buy a good quality hair curling iron online as it offers you both convenience and choice. However, here are a few things that you should consider before buying a hair curling iron online.

Check the barrel size

Curling irons come in several barrel sizes, as the size of the barrel is what determines the kind of curls you will be able to achieve. So, if you are looking for large curls, voluminous hair look, a beach look or loose waves, you should be picking the curling irons with the largest barrel. While the ideal may be to combine both small barrel curls with larger ones to get more natural curls, you can use one or the other depending on the look that suits you. If you are already blessed with curls, pick the curling iron with a small barrel as these will give your curls a tighter and more defined look.

Go through the heat settings

The best part about a curling iron is that they have heat settings, which can be varied. So, for instance, if you have thin or fragile hair, then always opt for the lowest heat setting, as this will prevent your hair from breaking or snapping. Similarly, thick and coarse hair can handle higher heat settings, and so you can set a higher temperature when you are styling your hair. You can always go to a physical store to check out the available range of products. However, buying a hair curling iron online gives you the advantage of browsing through all these features of different products, before you pick the right one.

Check the material

Thanks to technology, ceramic is not limited to kitchenware alone! There are several materials being used to make some of the best curling irons. While the ceramic and tourmaline hair curling irons can give you the best results as they control fizz largely, they seem to disperse heat through your hair more evenly as compared to other irons made of gold or titanium. So, while they may cost a bit more than their counterparts, the ceramic irons tend to perform the best by locking in the shine and sheen of your hair.

Type of hair

While buying the best hair curling iron online is a good start, knowing and learning the right way to curl your own hair is the best way to ensure that you see the right results. If you have soft or thin hair, it is very critical to prep your hair before you expose it to the heat from the curling iron. So, use hair volumizing products to build volume or better still, use dry shampoo so your hair has the staying power and strength needed for styling. It is always important to use a thermal protector on your damp hair before you begin to blow-dry your hair.


All hair curling irons need some amount of maintenance. Well! It is extremely important to clean your hair curling iron well after every use. Always wait until the hot iron cools down and then wipe it down using a wet towel.

Now that you have a decent idea about what to check for in a hair curling iron, make sure you do a due diligence before you buy a hair curling iron online or at a brick-and-mortar store.