The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

April 19, 2018 Personal Care

Laser hair removal has been in existence since the late nineties, however, people still have huge misconceptions and doubts regarding the process and what it entails. The laser hair removal method involves focusing laser beams on your skin. This strong flash of light zaps your hair follicle, thereby preventing new growth of hair. Initially and even now, it is strongly promoted through skin clinics which promise complete removal of unwanted hair. However, now with advancing technology, there are several devices in the market which offer the same experience.

This is a process that can be applied to any region in your body, especially,

  • Underarms
  • Hands
  • Legs
  • Face
  • Back
  • Chest and any other place that you would like cleaned up.

Some facts about laser hair removal:

  • There are trained medical professionals who can take care of unwanted hair when you are doubtful about doing it on your own with a device.
  • This kind of laser hair removal can be done for both men and women.
  • While there may be multiple appointments to ensure the hair is all removed, once completed, the hair removal is permanent.
  • While initially, the success rate of such hair removal was higher in those having lighter skin, technological advances have ensured that even the dark-skinned people can see the results.
  • Grey hair, light colored hair is probably the toughest to clean up as the laser beams target the melanin in the hair.

Why this is a great option for you:

  • Are you someone who hates being spread-eagle on the waxing table completely at the mercy of the lady who chooses to yank while waxing, as if your skin were a piece of leather? Then go for laser hair removal treatments as they not only reveal a softer and completely better side of your underarms but also ensure that you are less conscious every time you raise your hands above your head.
  • If you are wondering if it is worth the price, think of the number of times that you have walked into a parlor and count up all those bills and you will know that laser is better. If you are someone who has a “healthy” growth of hair everywhere other than your head, then you are spending way too much time in a parlor than elsewhere.
  • Are you wondering if it hurts? Well, if you have endured the sting of hot wax and the rough yanking by a judgmental salon professional, then you will find laser to be a dream. It stings all right but not in the way that wax does. These are small light beams which are hoping to zap your hair follicle so yes it is going to feel like an ant bite- without the itch!
  • Does it even work? Well, yes, it does tend to be more effective in certain body parts than others but unless you experience it yourself, you are never going to be able to tell and have we not tried the razors, epilators and the wax in the same hope?

A final tip for your treatment:

There are few things you might want to bear in mind before you go in for your sessions. Make sure you shave a few days before you go in for your appointment. While most clinics will mention it, they may charge you extra for shaving the area. You are better off doing it in your home especially if you are targeting the “nether regions”. Enjoy the great and clean feeling once you are done with your laser hair removal.