The Back to School Checklist

April 24, 2018 Parenting

School vacations are fun for both the parents and the kids. However, the biggest challenge is preparing yourself and your children for the end of the vacation. After months of relaxed schedules, getting back into the swing of action might make you a little frustrated. Below is a list of chores you need to do to make the Back to school activity stress free and exciting.

Go through the existing school supplies and clothes

Most parents rush to shop for new supplies and clothes for the new term. If you take a day to rummage through your child’s wardrobe and study room, you will definitely find brand new stationery and clothes that can be used comfortably for this year. By doing this task, you will save a lot of money. You can also discard old and used stuff, thereby clearing out much needed space.

Work on bedtime schedules in advance

Most parents go a little easy on bedtimes during the vacation. Imagine letting your children stay until 10 every night for the last few months and suddenly putting them to sleep at 8 or 8.30! You will have to face tantrums or they will stay up after you leave the room. Avoid this by moving bedtime 10-15 minutes earlier each day for the last few weeks. This way, your kid will be all ready and fresh for getting Back to school.

Get school schedules in advance

Talk to the school and try to get week schedules in advance. This will give you time to understand what subjects he/she will be taking and the teachers you have to be involved with. You can also take a print out of the schedules and put them in places you can see easily.

Plan lunch schedules

Getting up every morning and thinking of what lunch to cook to take Back to school is a hard task! You can reduce the stress levels if you can plan early. There are tons of blogs and videos that show you easy lunch recipes that kids will love. You can take a print out of these and make a rough schedule of what you would cook every week. This way, your grocery shopping gets easier too!

Prepare to be involved

Every parent knows that the more he/she is involved in the school’s affairs, the better does the kid fare. You can look for volunteering options and fundraising events in the school’s calendar in advance and plan your work/social schedule around it. Back to school gets easier for you and your child when you plan right.

Work on transportation

Decide on how your child would be getting to school and coming back. If you or your partner will be taking your kid to school, plan in advance. You can also look for carpooling options with other parents. This gives you more chance to interact with the rest of the school’s community.

Set goals

Sit your kid down and talk about your expectations for the year. You can have goals like learning a new language or participating in sports or improving grades. Whatever it is, when you communicate expectations, it gets easier to manage schoolwork. You can also talk to your kid about where he/she might need your help and work accordingly.
Schedules are the most effective ways to improve your efficiency and achieve more. By being prepared for Back to school, you also show your children how serious you are about their school and their future. Use this checklist and start your preparation a few weeks in advance!