Stormi with an ‘I’: The Story Behind Kylie’s Kid’s Name

March 23, 2018 Celebrity Chatter


The reality TV show star and Cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner knows how to hit a homerun in the Trend Game! After keeping her pregnancy completely under wraps, Kylie Jenner broke the internet by posting her daughter’s picture on Instagram, captioned ‘Stormi Webster’. Since the picture is posted, it has been viewed and liked by a record number of people, and is the most liked picture ever on Instagram, garnering over 17+ million till now. She also posted a note and an adorable video capturing the special moments of her life during the pregnancy. All her family members made an appearance in the video, including Rob Kardashian, and also the newest addition to the family, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s new daughter, Chicago West. Speculation was rife about the name of the child after she revealed her pregnancy. However, most fans were disappointed when she divulged the name of her baby girl as “Stormi Webster” deflating the popular theory bubble claiming that the child would be named Butterfly or Poise (Short for Mariposa, a Spanish word for butterfly). Her fans flooded the adorable post with greetings and well-wishes, with many expressing their admiration for this ‘refreshing name’.

So what’s the buzz all about?

Fans all over social media started to speculate about the baby’s name after Kylie Jenner posted the video, along with an apology cum announcement note for keeping the fans in the dark for nine months. Everyone started to guess the name to be related to a butterfly, which was a recurring theme in the video and the snapshots released by her. Many had noticed that Jenner seemed to have developed a fondness for butterflies lately:

  • The gifted butterfly-themed bling given by Scott on her birthday in August last year, including a gold choker necklace with five diamond-studded butterflies, and a large blue butterfly with two mega diamonds on either side.
  • She was also seen wearing a glittery pink butterfly diamond ring for a shoot in November.
  • It also holds a significance in her and Travis Scott’s relationship viz. the little butterfly tattoo on the ankles of both Kylie and Travis as well as the rapper’s song
  • ‘Butterfly effect’, which has at times been linked to Kylie Jenner in the past.
    Also, just the day after Stormi was born, Kris Jenner posted an image of Kylie’s Posie K. lip kit. As some fans guessed, “Posie” is short for Mariposa

All this makes sense, right? But all the assumptions burst when Jenner declared the moniker of her daughter to be Stormi with an ‘I’.

Does the name ‘Stormi’ have a hidden meaning?

However, their previous failures at guessing the name didn’t deter fans from trying to divine the hidden meaning behind the unique name ‘Stormi’. So, here is the latest theory. According to the numerous tweets, the moniker actually makes a lot of sense. The wispy theory says when a butterfly flaps wings, it causes hurricanes – or in other words, a storm! This phenomenon is known as a ‘butterfly effect’, and that is also the name of a popular rap song released last year by Travis. The talk around social media is that all the hints Kylie Jenner dropped were about the butterfly effect, and not just a butterfly literally. Some fans are skeptical about this theory that the baby girl is named after the ‘butterfly effect’, and called it a coincidence. If we’re being honest, that’s probably more likely. Whatever may be the case, Kylie made into the headlines yet again by first keeping her pregnancy secret, and then inspiring a social media storm with the rumors regarding the name. Nonetheless, everyone would agree that the picture of Stormi innocently curled around her mom’s perfectly manicured thumb is the most endearing shot ever. Good job Jenner!