Stephen Curry and Under Armour: The Story of Sneakers

May 16, 2018 Fashion
Stephen Curry Under Armour Collaboration

Stephen Curry is surely one of the most dominant, popular and highly decorated players in the world of basketball. The Golden State Warrior point guard has many accolades attached to his name; leading his team to 3 straight NBA finals and winning back to back MVP awards that include the very first unanimous choice ever in the award’s history and many more. He was the NBA’s 85th highest paid player in the last season; but according to his agent Jeff Austin, he could soon become the highest paid player in NBA history by signing a contract that is reportedly worth 201 million. The previous highest paying deal was signed by Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley that was worth 153 million dollars.

Curry’s Under Armour Contract

The Stephen Curry and Under Armour partnership goes back to 2013, when the brand signed him after their rivals, Nike, passed on a chance to match the 4 million per year deal offered by Under Armour – which was 1.5 million more than what Nike was offering. The company released their first Curry titled sneakers on February 15, 2015, labelling them as “Curry 1”.

The company has recently renewed its sponsorship deal with Curry till 2024. The contract’s worth has not been made public yet, but it is believed to include an equity stake in the company. Curry claims to have a pretty good relationship with the brand. He recently said in an interview “ In the first two years of the deal, we accomplished so much, both on and off the field and I’m looking forward to being a part of the brand’s history throughout my playing career and even beyond that”.

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Latest Sneakers in the Range:

Under Armour Curry 5 Pi day

Under Armour Curry 5 Pi

The Curry 5’s are the fifth signature sneakers in the line. They were released on Curry’s birthday, 14th March, 2018, which is also “Pi day” (Annual celebration of the mathematical constant). Being launched on Pi Day, the sneaker was sewed in a unique black knit upper with a Pi symbol on it. The sneaker did phenomenally well – it was sold out just days after the launch and was restocked a month later on 14th of April 2018. Priced at $130 the sneakers are definitely a pick for basketball fans as well as sneakerheads.

Under Armour Curry 4 “Dance Mom”

Under Armour Curry 4 Dance Mom

The Under Armour Curry 4 Dance Moms are the limited edition sneakers that have recently been gifted to season ticket holders of Curry’s team, Golden State Warriors. The sneakers feature a one of a kind Warriors color themed sweater print on the toe, with a blue knit top for the midfoot area and white soles. The sneakers are inspired by a Warriors superfan, Dance Cam Mom and her colorful game day attires.

Under Armour Curry 4 Low

Under Armour Curry 4 Low

This is an all-red rendition of the famous Curry 4s. It was inspired by Steph’s collaboration in the “Nothing But Nets” campaign run by the United Nations, which the basketball legend has been a part of since 2013. Priced at just $120, the pair would be a total steal for sneakerheads.

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Since the launch of Curry 1 on 15th February 2015, the brand has never looked back. The sales of the signature shoes have been up and running by a whopping 350% as of the start of 2018. The current sales of Curry titled shoes have beaten the likes of considerably bigger brands like Nike and Adidas. In fact, statistics show that no Nike signature shoe (other than its Jordan range) has sales that exceed those of the Curry-labeled shoes.