5 Reasons To Buy Makeup Remover Pads On Your Next Cosmetic Run

May 17, 2018 Cosmetics
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Makeup remover pads can be a real blessing at times. Not to mention, they are easy to carry, inexpensive, and do an excellent job removing any kind of makeup from your face. This includes the stubborn waterproof eye ones, and in no time! Although, you have to be careful not to use those with alcoholic base or annoying fragrances, they are a great buy.

Here are a few great reasons as to why you should possess these little beauties.

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Best emergency tool for makeup removal

We often don’t have the time to head home and switch over to a more dramatic makeup look for an evening party. This is where you can use your makeup remover pads to wipe off whatever you don’t want, and reapply your startling party lipstick and eyeliner.

Even removes waterproof eye makeup

This is an obvious use but worth mentioning. Makeup remover pads wipe off all eye makeup, including the waterproof mascara that’s stuck in between the lashes and smudged along your brow bone. It also takes off the residues of eye shadow sprinkled over the cheekbone while applying the eye makeup without disturbing the foundation and other makeup underneath.

Prevents body acne

After a long HIIT workout, the whole body becomes sweaty and greasy. Wiping your body post workout prevents acne. It prevents the sweat from drying off and clogging the pores. After completing your workout, wipe down your back, arms, inner thighs and shoulders with the pads. This will help to prevent any future breakouts on these body parts.

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A blessing when laziness strikes

It is always better to complete your night routine daily. This includes taking the makeup off your face, washing, cleansing, toning and then moisturizing. But then there are some lazy nights when a trip to the sink is out of the question and for most of the time we sleep with makeup on. If you have makeup remover pads infused with quality ingredients, it will take the makeup off in few minutes.

Hydrate your skin without greasy residue

The water-based makeup remover pads hydrate your skin and restore the much-needed moisture that has been removed by sun rays and dust throughout the day. The greasy residue left behind on the skin clogs your pores and leads to the development of blackheads. Use water-based pads infused with healthy ingredients to cleanse your face.

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How to correctly use Makeup remover pads?

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Makeup remover pads are a great way to clean foundation, powder, blush, eye makeup and lipstick from your face. These are easy to use and take a lot less time to get the makeup off your skin.

  • Take a makeup remover pad and press it against your skin for about 20 seconds gently from where you want to remove the makeup.
  • You just need to apply a gentle pressure. Do not scrub it on your skin. This will melt the makeup and will make it easy to remove.
  • Now, use a downward motion to gently wipe off the makeup. You have to be little gentle and it will do the rest. Within a few minutes the makeup will leave your skin and get stuck to the pads.
  • Take a new pad to remove the makeup if the first one gets too dirty.
  • If you have access to water then it is always better to splash some water on your face after using the pads to clean your face completely. Do not forget to moisturize your skin after this.