How To Pick The Perfect Wine Glasses

February 6, 2018 Kitchen
How To Pick The Perfect Wine Glasses

You might change your mind once you see how simple it is to pick the right kind of wine glasses and your guests will love the wine you serve! Here is a quick look at the three most significant aspects of a wine glass that you must consider before you pick up the perfect wine glasses for your collection:

Check the bowl, which is usually the bottom part of the wine glasses is either wide or narrow. The bowl-shaped glass encourages oxidation, thereby allowing alcohol to evaporate and release an aroma. On the other hand, the white wines are best enjoyed without oxidation. Stemmed glasses allow you to keep the heat of your hands away from the wine and help you store them away easily by hanging them upside down. However, the stemless glasses are best reserved for casual dining. Also have a look at the rim of the wine glasses, which can be tapered or flared.

If you are looking for wine glasses that are durable, then go for glasses, hand-blown and thin versions. Glass finished ones are far less fragile than the crystal glasses. Hand-blown glasses are far more expensive than machine-made glasses. Thick glasses have durability, you will be surprised to note that thin glasses work better for wine as they do not alter the temperature of the wine.

You should typically pick wine glasses based on the kind of wines you like to drink or serve. Wine glasses are always shaped in a certain way to compliment the wine. For instance, if you are looking to serve a white Chardonnay, then you should pick a wine glass with a wide and shallow bowl that can not only keep the aroma in but also allow the intensity of the flavor to open up. On the other hand, a Pinot Noir, which is a popular choice for many, needs a short and wide bowl, but something that has a tapered neck and a wider rim. Many people prefer Zinfandel’s and for these kinds of wines, you should always pick a small bowl and opening.

Before you head out to pick the right wine glasses, ensure you have a fair idea of the kind of wines you stock.