Our Heartstrings Got Synced to These Seven Songs in 2017

March 23, 2018 Music

Source: www.instagram.com/brunomars/

In the year 2017, Americans got a musical hangover on these seven songs – a hangover that many would argue continues on into 2018. Here’s a rundown on the top songs of the year gone by.

1. Shape of You– Listeners pushed this pop number to the top of US Billboard in 2017. Written, sung and produced by four-time Grammy winner Ed Sheeran, this dancehall number topped all the charts in 44 countries around the world. In the UK, it was the most sold song of the year 2017. Other writers include Steve Mac and Johnny McDaid. Co-produced by Steve Mac, this song is the Grammy winner for the best pop solo performance. It was released on 6th Jan, 2017. The song became intensely popular on YouTube. That’s not really surprising, considering its catchy composition, that enabled spread like a forest fire in the hearts of all music lovers. You just need to give it a single listen in order to get permanently hooked!

2. Despacito– Nominated thrice for the 60th Grammy Awards, it’s video has 4+ billion views and counting. This Spanish Latin pop number is such a great composition that it caught Justin Bieber’s attention, who promptly remixed it. Released on 12th Jan. 2017, this song holds the record for maintaining its position in the Top 5 songs of the US Billboard 2017. Written by Luis, Erika, and Ramon, and sung by Luis Fonsi, this became the first Spanish song to gain such unprecedented widespread popularity in the English-speaking world. A great composition and YouTube were the drivers for its popularity. Listen to it if you’re in the mood to party!

3. That’s What I Like– Bruno Mars fans, this one’s for you guys. Released on 30th Jan. 2017, it’s the third song from his album 24K. It topped the US Billboard Hot 100. It won the ‘Song of the year’, ‘Best R&B song’ and ‘ Best R&B performance’ for the 60th Grammy Awards. This R&B is written by Mars and team, and produced by ‘The Stereotypes’. It immediately crossed the 1 billion mark on YouTube. If you really wanna feel the killer vocals mixed with trap drums, then it’s the best one.

4. Humble– This hip-hop number was released on 30 Mar. 2017. It was written and sung by the American rapper, Kendrick. It got four nominations for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. It remained second on the US Billboard Hot 100. Just like any other song, the music video of this song got popular on YouTube. If you are a ‘Rap-fan’, then this is one of the best songs of the year 2017. Try rapping it in swag.

5. Something Just Like This– The Chainsmokers Duo collaborated with Coldplay to compose this magical masterpiece. The song earned the best duo/ group performance Grammy on the 60th Grammy Awards. It immediately got the fourth position on the US Billboard 2017. Written by Andrew, Guy, Jonny, Chris and Will, this is a song that, much like the others on this list, got very popular on YouTube. Listen to it in order to escape from a day of mundanity!

6. Believer– American rock band Imagine Dragons released this song on 1st Feb. , 2017. It’s a pop rock number from the album Evolve. It got a fourth position on the US Billboard 2017. It’s the third hit of the album after Radioactive and Demons. It was the fifth best selling song of the year 2017 in the US. Produced by Mattman and Robin and written by Dan, Wayne, and team. Just like any other song, it gained popularity on YouTube. Every rock lover must listen to it. There’s a possibility that it’s gonna make you a believer.

7. I’m the One– JB, Quavo, Lil Wayne along with DJ Khaled gave us this hip-hop number. This song distinguished itself through its promotion on Instagram. It topped the US Billboard 2017. Written by some of the greatest names in the industry, this song became Bieber’s Top 4 chart topper after the three singles from the album Purpose. You’ll get to enjoy this song in nearly every party.

So if you’re already feeling a little nostalgic for 2017, all you need to do is plug in your earphones and revisit the spectacular beats, tunes and vocals of the year gone by!