Oscar Throwback: Looking Back at Winner (& Nominees) of Best Original Song

April 19, 2018 Music
Oscar-Throwback-Looking-Back-at-Winner-(& Nominees) of Best-Original-Song

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Rare indeed is the movie-buff who wasn’t tuned into the 90th Academy Awards on the evening of March 4th, 2018. And for the lovers of cinematic music, the presentation of the Oscar for Best Original Song held a particular appeal.
Well, the dust has long settled now on the Oscar stage – with ‘Remember Me’ from the animated film Coco taking the top spot, and its creators, the songwriter couple Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, taking home the coveted gold-plated bronze statuette that, now and forever, cements their place in Hollywood’s musical history.
The pomp, glamor and festivities of the Oscars may be behind us, but music (particular great music) is forever! So let’s take a look back at the winner (and would-be winners) of the 90th Academy Award for Best Original Song.

First, let’s take a closer look at the winner…

Remember Me

Written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez, released under the label of prestigious Walt Disney, it was used in the animated movie Coco. It was released on 10th Nov., 2017. It’s a kind of song with multiple tones. It can be used as a lullaby as well as a nostalgic song. The Disney tag certainly contributed to the song’s popularity. YouTube was one of the important factors promoting the song. It was nominated for the ‘Critics Choice Movie Awards’ for the best original song. And the cherry on its cake of accolades is now the 90th Academy Award for Best Original Song.

And now for the would-be winners…

Mighty River

An Oscar nomination was only the last stop on the glorious run of this song. It was also been nominated for the Golden Globe 2018. Released in 2017, the song is part of the soundtrack of the movie Mudbound. This R&B number is a single by Mary J. Blige released under the label Milan Records. The song became popular because it was the soundtrack of a movie. The music is so well composed that just listening to it once in the movie is bound to get you hooked!

Mystery Of Love

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This intriguing masterpiece is written and performed by Sufjan Stevens and produced by Thomas Bartlett. It was released on 1st Dec., 2017. This acoustic number was used in the film ‘Call Me by Your Name’ released in 2017. The director of the film approached the singer and gave him the full creative control to implement it in the movie. After it’s released, it peaked the chart ‘US Billboard Hot Rock Songs’. The song became popular much before implementing it for the movie. It became popular on YouTube. It was nominated for two critics’ choice awards – ‘Critics’ Choice Movie Awards’ and ‘Film Critics Association’. When it got nominated for the Academy Awards, it peaked on all the charts.

Stand Up For Something

Released as part of the soundtrack of the film Marshall in the year 2017, this song is a soul number. Written by Lonnie and Diane and produced by Kyle Townsend, it’s performed by Andra and Common. The popularity of the song can be attributed to a large extent to the movie it was created for – though it has been highly rated by critics and loved by listeners on its own merits as well. Apart from the Academy Awards, it has been nominated for the Grammy, Critics’ Choice and Black Reel. It has won the Hollywood Film Awards and Satellite Awards.

This Is Me

This pop number was released for the movie The Greatest Showman on 26th Oct. 2017, under the Atlantic label. Written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, this song is produced by the trio- Benj, Greg and Justin. As soon as the song was released, it became a chart topper in the UK. It topped the charts of approx. five countries in a go. It was among the top songs in the US Billboard Hot 100 as well. It became very popular as it was a soundtrack of a blockbuster. It was the winner of Best Original Song at Golden Globe 2018 and was also nominated for the Critics Choice Awards.