What to Look for in Casual Resort Wear

February 6, 2018 Fashion
What to look for in casual resortwear.

While there is no set definition of this term, most fashion experts seem to think of a line of clothing above jeans and t-shirts and below semi-formal wear. As the name suggests, casual resort wear is clothes you typically wear while going for a vacation.

Vacations are meant to be fun. You can, therefore, go crazy on the colors you want to pick. While white will always be a popular choice, red, blue, orange, yellow are all equally chosen. Such bright colors give you a happy, joyous feeling and that is what is a vacation all about!

This is one space where you can experiment with floral prints, geometric shapes and other fun looking designs. A floral dress and matching accessories make you look amazing and is a super comfortable choice too.

Never pick stiff fabrics and thicker ones like wool or denim. Breathable fabrics like cotton or a mix of linen and cotton or silk and cotton work the best. If you have picked up a resort in a humid place, ensure your women resort wear clothes absorb enough moisture and keep you cool.

If you love skirts, then these are perfect choices. Colorful skirts paired up with a simple top make you instantly attractive. If you are a fan of dresses, you can take out all the sundresses, tee dresses, and casual one-pieces from your wardrobe for this occasion. Sleeveless clothes are perfect for walks around the resort or when you are relaxing by the pool. Capri and Palazzos are perfect women resort wear bottoms. You just have to take a couple of these with you and pair them up with a variety of tops. If you do not want to carry a lot of luggage, then have a few bottoms and tops and keep mixing them up to create new styles!

Types to avoid
If you have decided on a women resort wear style, then you should be avoiding the below types of clothes.

  • Jeans
  • Flimsy t-shirts
  • Formals
  • Very short dresses/skirts
  • Too coordinated attire

These are really important elements that can make or break your look. There are so many options when it comes to accessories for women. Few popular ones are:

  • Handbags – totes, satchels, hobos etc. are perfect styles to carry with you. You can stay away from expensive designer ones if you will be outdoors most day
  • Hats –Very few occasions allow you to put on your favorite caps and hats. Experiment with different types of hats and this will help protect you from Sun damage too
  • Belts – Any simple attire can get exciting with belts. Leather ones, metal links, and skinny belts are popular choices
  • Shoes – pick flats and strappy sandals if you have to walk the whole day. Choose comfortable kitten heels for evenings