How to Buy a Car as a Married Couple

April 19, 2018 Sex & Relationships

Buying a car with your spouse for the first time can be significant for most married couples. If you are newly-married and just starting out in your careers, a large purchase can take on a whole new meaning. While you may know which car to buy as a couple, you may not be aware of the nitty-gritty of the process of actually making the purchase.

Here are some tips to make the process of co-purchasing a vehicle after marriage easier.

Carefully Research your Options

Even if you are sure of which car to buy as a couple, you should still do a bit of research for what else is available in the market in your price range. It is likely that you might come across a better option for you both. If you are planning only one car to buy as a couple for at least a few years, you need to also consider change in your family size during that time. If you are planning to have kids soon, you need to consider if the car you are buying would be enough for your growing family.
Do you want a practical car right away? Can you both manage to buy another family car few years down the line? Do you wish to travel a lot on the road and perhaps would want a sturdy SUV? Consider these questions as you research about the car options. Also, with the right information in your hand, you can appear confident when dealing with car salesmen and improve your chances of getting a better deal. Don’t get swayed by sweet deals many salesmen may offer. Be diligent about what you are getting and what you are signing up for when purchasing a car.

Consider your Budget

Once you know which car to buy as a couple, it is time to look at your budget and assess all your financing options. If you are buying a car through financing, you need to calculate how much monthly payments you both can afford. The wrong purchase with financial burdens is not something you would want hanging over your head. Also, take into account the cost of maintaining a car on a monthly basis.
Your budget for the car should also factor in the cost of the insurance. A joint auto insurance policy can actually turn out to be inexpensive in the long run. Ideally, you should check with more than one insurance provider to find the best coverage and premium rates.

Know about Financing Options

A joint application for loan is useful as through it the couple can qualify to borrow a larger sum of money. But both the partners will need at least good credit scores if not excellent to become eligible for the amount you need. Even if one partner has a poor credit score, a lender might not agree to finance your purchase. To obtain a joint loan, both of you will need to present your financial records and income statements.
You will also need to have money for a down payment on the car. The more money you can pay upfront, the lower your financial burdens will be due to the monthly payouts. When you know all about the car to buy as a couple and the entire process involved in it, you can make a more informed decision.