7 Healthy Egg Recipes for Dinnertime

May 17, 2018 At Home

Eggs are one of the most powerful sources of protein. The whites consist of protein, whereas the yolks of the eggs contain healthy fats, cholesterol, and important nutrients like vitamin-A, phosphorus, and calcium. Eggs are fairly easy to prepare and versatile when it comes to cooking. You can make scrambled eggs, poached eggs, sunny side up and a lot more healthy dinnertime recipes.
An increasing number of fitness conscious people are realizing the benefits of eggs and are including them in their diet plans. Although, a number of people face the problem of not knowing how to prepare healthy dinner recipes from eggs.

If you are one of them , worry no more – we have come up with 5 different mouth-watering, healthy egg recipes for your dinnertime. Swipe left to know more..