Essential Equipment for Your Home Gym

April 19, 2018 Fitness

Exercising is not only about muscle building or weight loss but also about taking the right care of your body. If it is not a feasible option for you to join, then you can set up a gym in your own house.

Top Home Gym Equipments for Women

A gym in your home can make you 60% more active as it is all about the right equipment. So, here is a list of 7 types of home gym equipments you should consider to buy:

Yoga Mat – A hardwood floor or a slippery carpet is not the ideal base on which you should be exercising. So, buy yourself a no-slip yoga mat.

Adjustable Dumbbells – Adjustable dumbbells come with a storage rack which makes it easy to slide them behind the couch or under the table once you are done with your workout.

Foam Roller – A foam roller is ideal for an intense workout session. A foam roller comes with various pressure zones that help to increase the flexibility of your back and hamstrings while easing your sore muscles.

Mini Resistance Bands – Mini resistance bands are small, portable and yet, extremely effective. This makes them a much preferred and popular at-home workout accessory. The bands provide 3 levels of resistance for stretches, mobility exercises and so on.

Weighted Jump Rope – Weighted rope jumping can make your heart pump faster in no time. You can add in high knees, double-under or criss-cross feet between jumps to bring in variety and engage in more rigorous exercising.

Adjustable Kettlebell – Adjustable kettlebells can adjust the weight between 10 to 40 pounds depending on your exercise.

Soft Medicine Ball – As opposed to the traditional medicine ball, a soft medicine ball has the required weight and weighs between 4-40 pounds. However, it is made out of durable leather, which implies that you can tap it on the floor or throw it against the wall while doing trunk twists without the risk of damaging the surrounding furniture.

So, now that you know what you need for a perfect gym at home, get these home gym equipments for your workout sessions.