Chicago West: Kim Kardashian’s Surrogate and the Unique Name

March 23, 2018 Celebrity Chatter


Nothing happens in a Kardashian’s life without making it into the headlines. And the announcement that Kim and Kanye were going to have their third child was certainly no exception! The newest addition to the Kardashian-West family, Chicago West, made her first public appearance in the announcement video posted by Kylie Jenner on 4th February 2018. As announced by Kim Kardashian West, Chicago West, her second daughter was born on 15th Jan 2018 via surrogacy.

Why Kimye chose Surrogacy?

As reported by E! News the couple chose the surrogacy route. Kim has always been open about her health and past pregnancy complications. Already a mother of two, daughter North West (4-year-old) and son Saint West (2-year-old), Kim suffered from pre-eclampsia and placenta accreta during previous pregnancies. Placenta accreta is a severe pregnancy condition that leads to the development of blood vessels and other parts of the placenta into the uterine wall and continues to attach after the childbirth to the uterine wall. And Pre-eclampsia is also a potentially fatal condition that can lead to grave complications such as seizures and even death if not treated properly. She was advised by doctors against getting pregnant to avoid any medical complications in the future and to explore other avenues available. However, both 37-year-old Kim and 40-year-old Kanye were keen on extending the family and always talked about having more children. So they decided to opt for the surrogacy route.

A Brief Note on Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an agreement in which a woman agrees to bear a child on behalf of another person who is incapable of conceiving and carry the pregnancy by themselves. In most cases, these people are women who have life-threatening complications that prevent them from carrying a child to term, or same-sex couples who wish to have their own biological child. There are two types of surrogacy:

  • Traditional Surrogacy: Whereby the surrogate uses her own eggs and fertilises it with the intended father’s sperm.
  • Gestation Carrier: Where the surrogate bears the genetic child on behalf of the couple in her womb by IVF. This procedure is carried out by a specialist doctor.
    Kardashian West and Kanye chose the ‘gestational carrier’ method for their third child.

Planned it Right!

In June 2017, it was reported that the couple had hired a surrogate through an agency. The first public confirmation came that they are expecting a child via surrogate in September last year. Initially, it was said that the surrogate didn’t know the identity of the prospective parents. However, Kardashian insisted and asked to reveal their identities to make the process transparent and have a closer connection with the surrogate. Throughout the pregnancy period, the news swirled that the identity of the surrogate has been revealed. Kim tried to shield the identity of the surrogate from public eye, given that the surrogate didn’t sign up for this kind of media attention. Meanwhile, the baby shower was organised to celebrate the new child’s arrival. On 15 January 2018, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star announced the birth of her baby girl at 12:47 am and posted on her website “She’s Here”. Following the birth of her child, Kim shared her happiness saying that they are happy to announce the arrival of their beautiful and healthy baby girl and are incredibly grateful to the surrogate for making their dream come true.

And the Name is…

Every ardent follower of the Kardashians waited for the moment to hear the name of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s second daughter. Having picked unique names for the older kids, all expected it to be as unique as North and Saint. Kardashian made the announcement online that the name of their new tot will be “Chicago West” and later said that the child’s nickname will be “Chi”, pronounced as ‘Shy’. The moniker was picked as a tribute to Chicago city, where Kanye West has his roots. Kanye also have established a charity in Chicago City named after his mother, Donda. As expected for the Kardashian clan, the choice of such unusual name created a bit of uproar in Chicago and on social media platforms. While some appreciated the thought behind this baby name, others decried it as a blatant attention-seeking move.
Regardless of the motive behind the unusual name, here’s wishing Chicago West the very best for her life ahead!