Brands That Design The Sexiest Workout Clothes For Women

May 16, 2018 Fashion
sexy athleisure wear

Hitting the gym doesn’t have to be a dull and boring affair and these brands are making this a reality by designing some awesome athleisure wears. We all want workout clothes that make us feel stylish and pulled together, comfortable, and flatters our shape without piercing our skin. In fact, studies have demonstrated that looking good and comfortable directly affects our psyche, which has a direct impact on our confidence and ability to perform better in any situation. There are numerous brands in the market these days tapping into this need of ours, and they are definitely getting the job done well.

Here are some of these popular brands you should definitely check out.


lululemon athleisure

Lululemon is one of the original athleisure brands and is everywhere these days. The company provides an extensive range of athletic wear, from tanks to tees. Branching out from the brand’s yoga roots, they cover everything from basic gym gear to trail and hiking apparel. It is an ambitious brand endeavouring to build a community that helps and encourages a healthy lifestyle. This athleisure line offers stunning apparels and accessories and is truly a great brand for a fitness freak.

Adidas by Stella McCartney

adidas by stella mccarteny
What else would you expect when two giant forces such as Stella McCartney and Adidas come together, with their brain child being an athleisure line that oozes fashion and sportswear. It’s high-performance gear with a feminine touch. Ever since Adidas launched their sporty collaboration with the British designer, the line has stayed true to its luxury-gym-to street-aesthetic and captured the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts. This highly successful alliance still continues to strike the right chord, blending high fashion and performance.


Fabletics athleisure wear

Fabletics is known for having one of the renowned celebrities, Kate Hudson, associated with it, who herself is a longtime fitness fanatic. Kate Hudson wanted a pair of affordable leggings that could be worn to the gym, and this lead to the inception of this fantastic athleisure brand. Fabletics is an innovative, high-quality athletic wear and accessories brand that has garnered a lot of attention and appreciation. With this collection of sports bras, shorts, and leggings, it hopes to inspire a healthy lifestyle around the world. Fabletics epitomizes the fact that you don’t have to be boring and wear simple unattractive clothes just because you are working out. It offers beautiful, fashionable, breathable and comfortable workout clothing in designs that can make you go awestruck.

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Outdoor Voices

outdoor voices athleisure
This is a brand that started as a breath of fresh air with their hyper-competitive designs, offering four different types of fabrics- textured compression, mossed jersey, stretch crepe, and rec poly, which are new to the sportswear scene. Outdoor Voices has an exciting, unique and wide range of clothes for everyone, whether it is for hiking with friends, for daily HIIT workout, going for a walk or anything else that involves moving around. In case you do not have an idea about what to choose, just walk into one of their stores or visit the website and get your hands on their amazing gear. Its mission is focused on “doing things”, which can be anything from having fun with friends to just getting your body to move. The brand has gained traction with both men and women who want to work out as per their desire and pace.

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Koral Athleisure wear

Over the last few years, this indie brand has gotten a lot of attention, mainly because their athleisures strongly maintain a balance between being in vogue and serving their functional purpose. Koral is co-founded by Creative Director Ilana Kugel and well-known industry expert Peter Koral. The brand’s mission is “Deviating from the predictable to conceive unstoppable fashion for unstoppable lives.” This athleisure line has strong colors that evoke warmth. Their red and black color-blocked holiday collections have a sportif feel to it that will make you look preppy no matter what mood you are in. Koral’s have a great collection of faux leather and mesh fabrics, which just add to the brand’s dual functionality of working out while being stylish.