7 Things to Look for in a Dog Walker

February 6, 2018 Pets
7 Things to Look for in a Dog Walker

When you have a dog you must take it for regular walks to keep it healthy, active and social. Dog walking has become a profession these days. You can get a Dog walker when you are not around. Here are seven things to look for before you hire a walker.

Professional or amateur walker
If you have a bigger breed of dog, looking for professional dog walkers is the best option.

Look for past experience and testimonials
Never hire a complete stranger and give him / her control of your dog. If you are looking for services online, search for customer reviews and feedback and then make the right choice.

Pet’s compatibility
If your pet is shy or territorial, make sure the walker spends some time with your dog in your presence before taking up the job. Do not hire someone your dog is not comfortable with.

All professional walkers should know emergency protocols. This includes what to do if the dog is missing or if there is an injury. Though emergencies are rare, knowing the walker is prepared will help you stay calm when your pet is out of your sight.

It is absolutely necessary for your Dog Walker to be insured and bonded. When you choose walkers from professional service companies, they come with their own bonds. In case of an accident or an injury, while walking your dog, insurances help save your money and time.

Services offered
If you want the walker to call or text you every time he/she picks up and drops your dog, make it a part of the priority list and add it to services needed. Talk about the time and days he would be coming and ensure he does not postpone or delay every time. You can also discuss the areas your dog is comfortable walking around.

Training methods
Look for people who talk about positive reinforcement methods to handle your dogs. It is also important to get information on how many dogs are walked at a time. If your pet needs complete attention, you should plan accordingly. Few pets are not comfortable with other dogs around. In such cases, group walking can be a disaster.
Take some time to verify all related information and choose a Dog walker you can trust completely. This will help your pets stay safe and happy!