7 Simple Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen

April 30, 2018 At Home

The kitchen is one of the areas of your home that most needs improvement, but often ends up getting neglected. Kitchen remodeling can be a little tedious task as there are many things that need to be considered. On the plus side, there are several ways to spend less and make a few simple changes instead of getting the whole kitchen space redone from scratch. Here are a few of them:

Paint your style

Paint on the walls and the cabinets can make a huge difference to the entire look and feel of your kitchen. You can add a white beadboard to the kitchen surface and paint the walls with warm white paint. This will instantly brighten up your kitchen space if your kitchen is small and dark. For a fresh, sophisticated look, always consider neutral tones of colors or a bright rich shade of white. Go for contrasts colors if your kitchen space is big and illuminated already. You can also choose different textures for your walls and cabinets to give it a rustic look.

Enhance storage space

A clean and uncluttered kitchen in itself is more attractive and well managed than a messy space. Quickly assembled pull-out organizers in lower cabinets are best for easier reach. Utilize unused spaces and corners to hide wash baskets from view. You can look for designs on the internet to enhance the storage space. You will be surprised to know that a simple change in the set up of your appliance, or moving your fridge by a few inches, can create quite a lot of storage space in your kitchen.

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Get floored

Start from knowing the best underlayment of your kitchen and choose different types of flooring- Hardwood, vinyl, laminate, or stone tile. Always opt for water-resistant flooring. Every type of flooring has its pros and cons – for e.g. stone tiles are the best for maintenance and durability while hardwood flooring is best to clean spills; laminated flooring is more affordable and easy-to-install as well as can duplicate the look of stone or hardwood. As per the needs and structure of your kitchen, you can choose the best-suited flooring and for that, you need to research thoroughly before opting for any.

Backsplash is important

Backsplash has many uses and is probably one of the most visible spaces in your kitchen if you want to express your creativity and imagination. It protects your walls, which can be quite a relief, particularly if you have kids. It makes the cleaning process easy, effortless and less time-consuming. Moreover, it also acts as a canvas for your kitchen.
Look for the color palette and patterns that complement your kitchen’s cabinets, flooring and makes the overall look of the kitchen well put together. You can go for subway tiles if you want a sleek, classic and minimalist look and feel. You can choose and mix different tiles and textures if you like a more trendy and bold look. There are many tiles available with various patterns and elements on it.

Illuminated all the way

Lighting in your kitchen also plays an important role to make your kitchen more artistic and classy. The proper use of smart lighting devices especially for the gas cooker, islands, and sink as well as the cabinet areas can illuminate the kitchen space and make it more expensive and sophisticated. Decorative lighting, such as chandeliers, decorative bulbs, and pendant lights, add visual beauty to your kitchen.

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Granite and quartz surface counters

The inexpensive way to remodel the kitchen is by changing the laminated counters with solid surface counter with granite and quartz. Getting granite supply for renovation strategies is not much of a significant deal, especially when you’re able to get it at lower prices from online stores.
Quartz is the perfect option because you can get better solid colors without the entire joint and color variation. A dark grey counter to contrast the white cabinets and white quartz that mimics marble on the island to contrast the dark cabinets looks impressive. There are various options available to match the other elements of your kitchen.

Improved appliances

Microwave, electric kettle, toaster, and oven are important parts of every kitchen. Using old appliances not only increases your electricity bill but also drags down the aesthetic value of your kitchen. You can update your appliances based on the usage and the time duration for that you have been using it. Of course, you have the option to spend money and get the appliances repaired if needed but go for new appliances if it needs to be repaired every now and then.