7 Natural Vaginal Lubricants

April 30, 2018 Sex & Relationships

A lot of women usually remain silent about vaginal dryness, and often do not share their dilemma even with their closest confidante. In fact, this problem affects nearly half of the women across various age groups, which means that vaginal dryness is not a menopausal symptom. The primary reason for vaginal dryness is a low level of estrogen, which helps the vaginal canal stay lubricated by the passage of fluids. The lack of natural lubrication in the vagina leads to a tough time during intercourse and also makes the experience very painful.

If you are afflicted with this problem, fret not. To boost your vaginal lubrication, apart from intake of vitamin supplements such as vitamins A, B4, B5 and B12, here are seven effective yet purely natural vaginal lubricants to keep your vagina lubricated:

Curious intimate massage lotion

Curious is one of the best natural vaginal lubricants, available over-the-counter with medicinal plants as ingredients. It helps to nourish and revive the delicate tissues in your vagina and maintain a balanced pH level. The plant-based oils and other plant ingredients have therapeutic properties that help you get rid of vaginal dryness.


Water is a very important component of our daily life and it ranks high in the list of vaginal lubricants as well. Vaginal lubrication decreases with dehydration. So the cheapest and most easily available natural remedy for vaginal dryness is drinking at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. The best way to drink water would be to add electrolytes to it. Add a squeeze of lemon with rock salt in your water bottle for better results.

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Evening primrose oil

This oil has medicinal properties that help to cure vaginal dryness. You need to take a couple of capsules along with flax seed to get the desired results. You can also puncture a capsule and insert it inside your vagina overnight. The oil will be absorbed in your vaginal cavity and will help in restoring lubrication.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Another important mineral, which functions as one of the effective vaginal lubricants, is Omega 3 fatty acids, either in the form of a supplement or in food. However, if you choose to take a supplement, then the most effective one is ‘krill oil’. There are various foods that contain Omega 3 such as sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, tuna, salmon and mackerel.

Olive Oil

It is proven that high quality extra virgin olive oil has a lot of health benefits. Hence, if you replace your cooking oil with extra virgin olive oil, then you can keep vaginal dryness at bay to a substantial extent. On the other hand, this is one of the vaginal lubricants, which can also be used for internal massage to reduce vaginal dryness and improve lubrication. You can try massaging the inside of your vagina twice a day to achieve the best results.

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Foods rich in phytoestrogen

Another major reason for vaginal dryness is hormonal imbalance. To prevent this, you should ensure that you are eating foods rich in phytoestrogens such as oil seeds, flax seeds and cherries.

Maintain vaginal hygiene

It is important to ensure that you are not washing your vagina more than two times a day. Avoid using harsh and perfumed soaps and body washes that disrupt the pH of the vagina and wash away vaginal fluid. Do not douche as it can also cause vaginal dryness.

So before you rush to your gynecologist or start consuming over-the-counter drugs, try out these simple and effective methods to get rid of vaginal dryness.