7 Kid-Friendly Family Room Ideas That Will Dazzle You

May 19, 2018 Interiors
kid friendly family rooms

Creating a living area can be tricky, as ideally it should be usable by all the family members, but having kids at home can make the area messy and unmanageable. Kid friendly rooms must be kept neat and clean at all times to make sure it looks presentable and also considering the arrival of any unexpected visitors!
We often struggle with wanting to make our spaces look pretty while still keeping them functional and open to everyone. The problem is real, but it is not impossible to make the space welcoming to all. If you are also struggling to design and create a kid-friendly family room, check out these ideas to manage the turmoil.

Create a lot of hidden storage

rooms with hidden storage
One of the major problems with having the kids around is the mess. Kids drag everything from books to toys and spread in every nook and corner of the room. Rather than banning toys from the room, just be sure to plan for stocking them in hidden places. You can use a big toy chest and have a few plastic storage containers to keep it organized. Also, use hidden storage wherever you can. An under chair storage basket is a smart and attractive way to use the limited space to stash the games, puzzles, and other toys.

Upholstery Ottoman

living rooms with ottoman
Instead of the conventional coffee table, get one which is upholstered instead. It adds a new textural element to the room. Apart from that it is more of the kid friendly rooms. This will prevent unwelcomed bruises caused by sharp corners of the coffee table. Ottoman will add an extra sitting space and a storage ottoman with an interesting pattern is a great way to store kids’ toys as well.

Statement wallpaper to draw attention away from the clutter

rooms with wallpapers
Parents know the real struggle to style surfaces like coffee tables and low shelves when you have kids, so opt for statement wallpaper instead. Statement wallpapers with beautiful chromatic patterns will make the space more interesting, as it will draw attention away from any clutter and gives the space an instant personality of its own.

Use durable and timeless materials

Take a cue from the living room of Kelly Sawyer Patricof. This offers endless inspiration for your next living room redesign. A wooden coffee table plus the side tables are durable and timeless. The kilim rug and dark upholstery make spills less disastrous. Using durable upholstery will obviously save a lot of time and effort to clean.

Play Arearooms with play area

play area rooms
Incorporate a child’s desk into the living room. With this, you can keep a watchful eye on your kids while they get on with their homework and playing with their toys. If you do not have too much space for an additional child’s desk, the rounded coffee table can be used as a child’s desk. The rounded edges are toddler-friendly and you can top it with chalkboard paint to let the kids draw on it. You can also consider including a teepee in the space. This will give your toddler a little more space to play around. Plus they’re also a great place to stash toys when guests arrive

Kid friendly flooring

Dirt, spills, dust, and stains are a common scene when you have kids around. Keep things simple by choosing washable floorings material such as tile, wood, laminate, and vinyl. You can also consider having carpet tiles that allow you to clean soiled squares, or replace them as needed. Flooring should be comfortable and little less hard; it will prevent your kids from tripping over toys and get hurt most of the times.

Slipcovers are a lifesaver

Everyone knows if you have kids around they are going to spill drinks, juices or other items and wipe their hands off the furniture. No matter how much you try to keep the sofa or chairs clean, they are going to get dirty and stained. Instead of crying over stained furniture, you can use slipcovers to protect your personally selected sofa and chairs. Every time the slipcovers get dirty, remove them and throw them in the wash with some bleach. You can wash them as often as you want, or as needed. It is a lot easier and you can always replace them or have more spare covers to change when required.