6 Tips to Select the Best Sofa Set For Your Living Room

May 13, 2018 At Home
best sofa sets for american living room

Everybody wants their living room to be one of a kind – vibrant, striking and with a positive and peaceful ambiance. A living room is usually the pathway to the rest of the house, and thus the first (and sometimes only) room seen by most visitors to your house. For the perfect living room, you need to have the perfect sofa set. With seemingly infinite choices, it’s no surprise that you might get confused when it comes to choosing the right sofa set for your living room. Here are some tips that will help:

Measure the space available:

As the living room is one of the most ponderously furnished rooms in the house, it is essential that you figure out the space available for your new sofa set. You would want to select the number of sofa chairs and the type of sofa according to the space available in the living room. Imagine buying a recliner sofa set and your leg colliding against the center table. You’d certainly not like that now, would you?

Decide the shape which suits the room:

There are various types of shape variants available for sofa sets. You’ve got to decide which shape will suit your living room the best. For instance, if you got a living room which has a set of open areas, an L-shaped sofa set would compliment that space in the best way. Whereas a round sofa set would be apt if you have an issue with lack of space or if you’re looking to furnish a small area.

Pick the right color:

Now that you’ve decided the type and shape, you still have some crucial decisions left. Choosing the color is one of the most crucial and sensitive decisions, as making a mistake in this area might ruin the entire ambiance of your living room. When choosing the color of the sofa set, there happens to be only one rule – always go with those colors which compliment the color of the walls of your living room. If you wish to buy prints or a set designed with multi-colors, keep in mind the color of the rest of the furniture placed in your living room and whether it would go with them.

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Pick the most apt material:

Choosing the right material for the sofa set is something that is essential for the longevity of the sofa and for your own comfort as well. You have to decide the type of material that suits you and your needs. For instance, buying a suede sofa can turn out to be very classy, but if you have pets or small children/toddlers it would be more of a headache for you as they can cause some serious damage to it. Leather sofas are also considered to be evergreen but they can be very uneasy for you in the summers and maintaining the leather on that one would be tough as well.

Choose the frame wisely:

Choosing the correct frame is very important if you’re a fan of durability, as the quality of the sofa depends on the quality of the frame. It is recommended that you should always go for a wooden frame as they are built to last longer as compared to other frames as plywood or a particle board. If you want to go a little out of the edge or away from the mainstream, there are metal frames available in the market which are as strong and sturdy as the wooden ones. Always check the condition of the frames before taking the delivery as frames carrying a manufacturing defect can cause you problems in the long run.

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Cushion and springs:

Like the frame, there are a variety of springs and cushions that differ in quality from one another. You’ve got to ensure that there hasn’t been a compromise in the quality of the cushions and springs, as these bespoke pieces vitally affect comfort, back support and durability which can hamper your posture in the long run. The cushions should retain their shape when you sit down on them instead of them going in the upwards direction.