6 Easy Ideas for Small Flower Gardens at Home

May 15, 2018 Gardening
flower gardening tips for small house

There is no better way to relax than just sitting in your garden area, where you have all the time you need to rest and unwind. You can connect with yourself and your family and friends, leaving behind all the worries and the hustle-bustle of daily chores and work routines. Having a small garden full of different kinds of aromatic flowers will give you a special environment to unravel and enjoy little moments of happiness.

Now, the big question is – how can you accommodate a small flower garden in your house, without having to devote too much space to it?

Well, here are six ideas that can help.

Planter Boxes

flowering garden ideas for small homes
Planter boxes are a great solution to create a garden that is easy to move and can also be adjusted well in the limited garden space available. These boxes are available in many sizes and can be used as portable flower units to be placed wherever you need and like. You should keep in mind that a good design always includes the ability to customize itself in the future according to the changing themes of the garden. A Wooden planter is a smart way to create compact beds and grow vegetables, greens, and flowering plants.

Use Raised Beds

raised beds flower gardens for small homes
In a small garden, raised beds are an ideal way to maximize space. Planting on raised garden beds brings many benefits compared to planting on the ground. You can utilize an unused corner of your yard and design a garden in even the most limited space. This way you can get deeper and better topsoil for plants to grow in and also create several levels of plants. You can use a variety of materials like wood, bricks or concrete to build a raised bed for flowers. Wood is a good option to start with as it is inexpensive and also easy to move. It also gives a simple, natural look that mixes well with most aspects of the garden.

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Vertical Flower Garden

vertical flower garden ideas at small home
For quite a few years, vertical gardening has been in trend. It adds to the functionality and feasibility of having a garden in a small space. If you do not have a space for a full-fledged flower garden, you can build a vertical garden instead of having vast flower beds. You can use just about any flower of your choice to make a vertical flower garden, including roses and flowering vines. You can even hang a flower basket or reuse an old utility or shoe rack. All these will take no space. You can make your flower garden look more beautiful by hanging vertical planters made of wooden planks with openings through which flower pots dangle down.

Perennial Flower Bed

perennial flower bed ideas in small houses
There are so many options for creating a perennial garden. You have the option to group and combine plants with similar needs to get the garden of your dreams. For instance, you can combine spring, summer and fall bloomers together and create a garden that requires little maintenance after you’ve planted them. When you select a variety of perennial flowers that bloom at different times throughout the year, it will make your garden bloom throughout the year without much effort. But, make sure to take into consideration different things like the blooming time, plant heights, shapes, textures, colors and special features of the plants that you are going to plant.

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Flower Bed with Clay Pots

clay pots for flowering in small houses
Flowers planted in clay pots are the most convenient way to use a small space for your flower garden. Half-buried clay pots in the bed of gravel look amazing and are easy to maintain as well. Bulbs paired with tulips are best-suited flowers for this type of flower pot arrangement. Other flowers that grow from bulbs or corms are daffodils, and members of the Allium family like onions and garlic and crocus. These will add diversity to your flower garden, in addition to being visually appealing.

Butterflies Attraction

butterfly attracting flower beds in small houses

You can go for clump-forming Moss Phlox, which remains green in both the summer and winter and blooms in crimson and white flowers during spring. This flower attracts a lot of butterflies and lasts until the summer. It grows well in the ground but you can also plant them in raised boxes as well as in flower pots or hanging baskets. You can also use rock cress cascading Aubrieta along with this flower to add some aesthetic value to your small garden.