Are You Babysitting? 6 Games to Keep the Kids Busy

May 18, 2018 Parenting
babysitting games and activities

Babysitting can often turn out to be a tough job which can make you say “I didn’t sign up for this“. It can bring you to your toes. Being a babysitter or a nanny isn’t an easy job. It involves taking responsibility for a child – from nap times, to meals, and more importantly, the child’s safety. Are you a babysitter, nanny or a parent facing similar kind of difficulties? What if I told you that I have 6 easy and totally safe babysitting games to keep your little ones busy?

Color Matching Game

color matching pom pom

This game is totally safe for children and proves to be quite a good learning experience for kids, especially toddlers. You’ll have to first introduce them to the game before letting them play it by themselves. All you need is a plastic tray, pom poms, and some colored balls. You can start by giving the toddler some colored balls and talking about the colors of the balls and the names of the colors. Now all you have to do is make the kid understand the color of the swatches and make them put the balls in the matching swatches. You can watch the kids learn and play, both at once.


babysitting playdough

Playdough is pretty simple and also a popular conventional kid’s game. You can just use a cutting board or a tray in order to keep the kids from creating a mess in the house. There are many playdoughs available in the market, ranging from colorful to jello ones. Playdough also strengthens the hands of your children, which helps in motor movements.

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babysitting puzzles

Puzzles are a fun learning method for your child. Buy some easy and creative puzzles for your child and leave them to do the magic himself/herself. If they are intelligent and creative, puzzles can engage the kids, engaging them in one place for a considerable amount of time. The best thing about puzzles is they have almost a zero chance of harming your children.

Alphabet/Number Magnets

babysitting alphanumerical magnets

Alphabet or number magnets and pom poms could prove to be a great entertainer as well as a game of learning for your young ones. You just have to provide the kids with the pom poms and they can stick them wherever they want. Closets, the walls, the refrigerator, anywhere! The child can quickly hone counting skills or gain the knowledge of alphabets and spelling of different words. It is completely safe for children of all ages, including the toddlers.

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Bubble Wrap

babysitting bubble wrap

Popping bubble wraps is always a fun and engaging activity for kids. Although this can get a bit noisy, its a quick game with the easiest resource in hand. Having said that, you have to be around the kids for it. This activity might prove to be a choking hazard if not handled properly.

Start a Sing-along

babysitting sing along

Starting a sing-along is the simplest and safest fun activity you can involve the kids with. You don’t need any resources, materials or any kind of toys for this activity. The sing-along will engage your children in the activity for a significant period of time, which would get them off your hands for a while. The sing-along would also help the child with his/her speaking skills. The best part about this activity is that it is 100 percent safe for children and involves no potential health hazard.