5 Ways to Fold Napkins for Napkin Rings

March 20, 2018 Kitchen

A table setting with napkins folded into rings can look classy. You can dress your table as you please using a simple napkin and easy folding techniques. You can uplift the design further by using napkin rings in exciting and fun designs.

Here are some simple, useful and easy ways to fold a napkin. You can accessorize these designs with napkin rings.

Pinch a little

This classic fold is easy to do and you can pattern the end result as you please. Simply place the napkin on a flat surface. Make sure to keep the patterns on top. Grasp the fabric in the center and squeeze it through a napkin ring. You can position the other edge close together or set it up loosely like a flower petal.
You can modify this classic style of folding napkin using two fabrics. Take two napkins of different sizes and colors. Place the smaller napkin on top of the other. Now apply the same technique of lifting it from the center and putting it through the ring. You will have an exciting napkin fold in a jiffy using this style. You can use simple rings or ones with bold designs.

Fan it out

Fold the napkin in half. Pleat the resulting rectangle in alternating thin folds. Bring both the ends together and place a ring over the folded or closed section. You can then fan out the pleats.
Another way to use the pleats is to not create the fan pattern but simply place a napkin ring in the middle of the pleats and you will have a nice design ready. For maximum effect, pleat it from the shorter edge instead of the longer one that you use for the fan.

Tie the bow

Place the napkin on a table or any flat surface. Make sure the patterns are not facing towards you. Bring the bottom and top sides together in the middle to form a rectangle. Now, bring left and right sides together to form a square. Pinch the napkin in the middle and fashion it into a bow. Secure it with a napkin ring.

Hold a candle

Simply roll a napkin thinly from one corner to the next. Make sure that the roll is tighter. Alternatively, you can bring one end to the other, fold it and then roll the fabric. Bring the two ends of the roll together. Insert the rolled up napkin snugly inside a ring. The corners of the napkin will give the impression of a candle’s wick. You can place them horizontally on the table or make it stand upright using the strength of the napkin rings.

Roll it up

Roll the fabric from both sides up to the middle of the napkin. Pull a napkin ring over it and it is ready.
You can also double over the folds to fashion a snug U-shape out of the roll. If you use the napkin ring near the open side you get a flower petal design. Use it on the other end or in the middle and you get an elegant napkin fold for a casual or formal setting.

More tips –

If you have a standout napkin ring, you can use it on simple pleats and rolls to make your table setting fun. You can let go of fancy napkin folds and make the rings the center of attraction.
If you are using plain brass or silver rings with minimum or no etched patterns on them, you can dress them up with real or artificial flowers or leaves. This can especially look good for festive lunch gatherings.