5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Wedding Planning App

March 22, 2018 Wedding Planning

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting time in any couple’s life. Bringing together friends and family and marrying the love of your life is a onetime event. However, the pressure of planning the wedding can be overwhelming. With the development in technology, every help you need is available at the tip of your fingers. Below are five reasons why you should install and start using Wedding planning apps right after your engagement.

Vendor management

There are a lot of services you will need for the wedding to run smooth. Starting from makeup artists to caterers, florists and photographers, you need to manage several teams at a time. In such cases, good Wedding planning apps are essential. These give you options of vendors near you, have separate options to enter vendor details and to keep updating progress. When you need an information or want to contact your florist or your baker, you will have details all ready with you.

Budget management

Weddings are definitely expensive and keeping track of payments done and pending itself takes a lot of your time. In many cases, because of a lack of clarity, you end up overspending, causing struggles at the end. Most Wedding planning apps come with a detailed budget calculator. These will list out top expenses you will have and you can enter your budget, the actual cost and also add payment due information. These remind you when a payment is approaching or when you spend above the entered budget.

Making choices

One of the most difficult parts of a wedding is choosing between different options. Color combinations, themes, flowers, music etc. need a lot of research to decide upon. Most apps these days are regularly updated with latest wedding trends. You can pick from popular themes, you can get inspired by pictures on the internet and add them here, make a note of blogs you like and finally make a decision. Every time an idea hits you, make a note on your app and making choices will get easier.

Guest lists

How embarrassing would it be if you missed out inviting a close family member for your wedding? This is going to be a moment you would wish to change for all your life. Use Wedding planning apps to create guests list and add and delete names anytime you want. You can also send out emails and texts and ask for RSVPs through these apps. These are available over all platforms like iOS, Android, MAC, and Windows. Making table settings is also easy when you have a smart device with the guest list.

Learn from experts

Unsure how and when to start your beauty routine before the wedding? Worried about handling in-laws? Are you struggling to get your partner involved in wedding planning? These apps offer video tutorials and blogs about important things revolving around weddings. Anytime you are free, look through them. You can also use forums to ask questions and get answers. Having an app like this is having an expert at your disposal. It is always a good idea to be informed before you enter a commitment like this.
Remember that your wedding is your most important day. Planning in advance always helps prevent last minute confusions and disappointments. Most Wedding planning apps are free to use and if you want premium services, you pay extra and avail them. However, the money you spend is nothing compared to the relief of everything working out well on your D-day! Wishing you a great and a happy wedding.