5 Herbs You Can Grow in Your Herb Home Garden

May 23, 2018 At Home
home garden herbs

We all want to enjoy the comfort and peace of nature in our very own homes – and having a home garden is one of the best ways to experience that. Herbs will not only look pretty in your small garden, but can also add a fantastic dash of flavour to your culinary efforts. Fresh herbs from your own indoor garden are nutritious and preservative free, giving you an added benefit.

Having said that now, here are five awesome herbs that you ought to incorporate in your small indoor garden.


oregano herb

Oregano is a very vital flavoring agent, especially in Italian cuisine. It consists of potential medicinal uses like treating gastrointestinal disorders, reducing menstrual cramps, and healing the urinary tract .
What to do: Take a few cuttings of oregano, and plant them 8-10 inches apart, in a pot of water. Make sure that the plant gets apt heat and sunshine for proper growth.


spinach indoor plant

Spinach is power packed with health benefits like antioxidants, a rich source of iron and vitamins like vitamin-A, B2, C, and K as well. In addition to these, it also contains magnesium, manganese, folate, iron, calcium as well as potassium.
What to do: As spinach seeds need a wide surface area to grow, it is advisable that you put it in a tray rather than a pot. Fill the tray with 80% rich soil and sow the seeds about half an inch into the top layer of the soil. Make sure the plant is getting the appropriate amount of water and direct sunlight.

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Holy basil

basil indoor plant

Holy basil is a low maintenance plant that has a number of medicinal properties which help in pain reduction, stress, anxiety, and joint pain as well as inflammation.
What to do: It is advised that you sow the seeds about half an inch below the top layer of the soil. Make sure that there is a gap of 2 inches or more between two seeds.


chili indoor plant

Chillies are essential in the dishes of many cultures and cuisines such as in Mexico, India, and Italy. The cooking of many food items is nearly impossible in the absence of chilies. They are believed to contain 7 times more Vitamin C than an orange.
What to do: It is advised that you use plastic containers/pots as the chili plants need a warm and humid atmosphere to grow properly. Ensure that the pot has enough pores for drainage so that the temperature remains favorable for the plant.

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coriander indoor plant

This herb is very easy and fast to grow. Coriander is packed with benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, sugar levels, and cholesterol, and also supporting healthy menstrual function. Coriander is found to be a popular ingredient in many Indian dishes.
What to do: It is advised to choose a tray, as it will provide more space and better growth, but you can opt for a pot as well. Fill the tray/pot with 80% rich soil and sow 10-12 seeds, about half an inch deep into the soil. Leave a 3-inch gap between the two seeds. Just ensure that there is an ample amount of light and water, with appropriate temperature conditions.