5 Gardening Accessories You Simply Must Have

March 20, 2018 Gardening

Every house should have its own garden. Irrespective of the size of it, gardens make your space look brighter and happier. Gardening is also a very interesting and soul-lifting hobby. Below are five must have Gardening Accessories to make your work easier and more effective.


This might look like a simple tool, but gloves are very important every time you touch the soil. Gloves keep your hands warm in winters, especially when you touch the wet soil. If you keep adding pesticides, weedicides and other insect repellants to the soil, it is necessary that you do not touch them with your bare hands. In such cases, gloves offer protection.
If you are an avid gardener and spend at least an hour a day using rakes, shovels and other tools, after a few years, your hands will start showing signs of splinters and dermatitis allergies. Gloves help keep your skin soft and healthy.


Pruning and cutting is an important part of gardening and that is why shears are important Garden Accessories. Good shears help cut your grown fruits and vegetables, trim overgrown bushes and shrubs, and remove dead flowers and prune plants to produce more. Pruning helps the plant spread horizontally and grow with a richer foliage. Having a good pair of shears will make your garden look impeccable at all times.


Starting with creating your gardens to maintaining it and replanting, shovels are must have Garden Accessories. There are so many kinds of shovels available including round-edged ones, square point shovel, scoop shovel, irrigation models and more. All these help digging through the soil, adding fertilizers and compost, creating drains for water to flow around and for replanting and removing dead plants. Shovels are also necessary to recycle the soil once in a while to prevent weeds from forming.


Rakes are one of the most basic Garden Accessories ever. You can use a rake to level the soil, remove dried leaves and dirt from the surface and for laying a turf before planting new seeds. Recycling the top layer of soil every time you plant something new is important to preserve the nutrients. Rakes help pull up the lower layers of the soil every time you use them. Depending on the size of your garden, choose from small to large rakes. Once you invest in a good model, it can potentially last for decades.

Hose and sprayer

Another basic accessory you just cannot live without is the hose and sprayer combo. Imagine having to lift buckets of water from your tap source, carrying it all around the garden and watering the plants! This will make you tired and cause back aches and muscle strain. A hose can be connected directly to the tap and you can use the sprayer to evenly spread water all along the soil. Sprayers also are gentle on the plants and do not damage the leaves and roots. You can pick from a variety of spray nozzles depending on the types of plantation in your garden. You can also adjust the jet to be gentle, focused or spray as a fine mist. Metal sprayers last long and do not break easily.Before you take up gardening as an active hobby, fill your workbox with the right Gardening Accessories and then start exploring different planting options. Seeing plants grow and produce is a great feeling and an amazing stress buster too!