5 Best Home Gym Workouts for Women

January 31, 2018 Fitness
5 Best Home Gym Workouts for Women

If you have been complaining about your hectic schedule to maintain your diet and exercise, then you should definitely be thinking about home gym options. Here are five home gym workouts for women and the equipment you need to try these exercises at home.

Abdominal exercise
The basic equipment you need in your home gym for abdominal exercises is abdominal benches, sturdy cable, and a pulley. When the bench is adjustable, you can do a variety of workouts for your core. Cables and pulleys help increase your resistance levels and this is an effective option to burn some extra calories.

Glutes workout
If you want to flaunt your bikini body, a great butt is what you need. Leg press equipment tones down the lower part of your body. Dumbbells are useful tools for your home gym. You can pick weights based on your comfort level and do lunges and squats for a great glutes workout.

Aerobics is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a full body workout that tones you and keeps you active and healthy. All you need is a foot bar, a jumping rope, a jumping pad/trampoline, and a bench to stretch.

Shoulders, neck and arm exercise
Most women complain about shoulder and neck pain as it is one of the weakest parts of your body. You can strengthen your shoulders and arms with equipment like shoulder press machines, barbells, and dumbbells. All these provide complete support to your shoulder muscles and make them stronger. With better endurance, you will feel powerful with time!

Leg and hip workouts
You can use the leg press you installed for your glutes to work out all parts of your legs and hips. You can buy a Swiss ball as it will strengthen your back, hip, and legs. Swiss balls are often used for physiotherapy. If you want to concentrate on your quads, check for a compact leg curler machine that you can install.

A home gym is a perfect way to squeeze fitness into your daily routine. You can make your own schedules and do independent workouts. Home gyms also save you time and money on gyms and training memberships.