15 Tips for Buying a Wedding Dress Online

May 4, 2018 Wedding Planning

Shopping for your wedding dress can be the most stressful part of getting married. While going out with your mom and friends for shopping can be exciting, wedding dresses cost a bomb. It also takes several visits to different stores to land on a dress that you actually like. In such cases, picking the Wedding dress online can be a smarter alternate. Below are tips to help get the best out of online shopping.

  • Before you start looking for online wedding dresses, know your right measurements. Get a tape, measure yourself honestly and keep it as a reference.
  • Do your research and pick up a good online store. You can look for customer feedback, reviews from top bloggers or for word of mouth testimonials before ordering your Wedding dress online.
  • Since you are not going to touch and feel the fabrics, understand what each fabric name means. You can even visit a local store and feel different fabrics to get an idea. Certain materials are soft, flowy and perfect for curvy women. Others prefer to choose stiffer fabrics. Making the right fabric choice is important.
  • When you shop online, there are a lot of advantages. You can sit at home and compare prices of similar designs in hundreds of online boutiques. You can also search for discount coupons at the right time. Use all these facilities to get the best possible deals. If you choose right, you can save 40-50% of money buying online
  • Good websites will aim to give you all necessary details to make your experience as close as they can to buying from an actual brick and mortar store. Stay away from sites that are not thorough in their descriptions.
  • Be sure to look for smaller details like lining material and type of embellishments added. This will ensure the product does not end up looking cheap.
  • When you get Wedding dress online, read through the returns policy of the site. It is very important that you are able to return the dress if you are not satisfied.
  • Just like traditional stores, online sites also take a while to design and deliver your dress. Do not expect to place an order a few weeks before the wedding and receive the dress on time. Lots of women place an order right after their engagement, several months in advance.
  • When you buy Wedding dress online, look for best shipping options. It would be a disaster to receive the dress in a bad or tattered condition.
  • Select the shipping date at least a few weeks before the wedding. This will give you time for picking a backup or altering the dress in case of any measurement issues.
  • Anytime you are unsure about dress sizes, order the bigger one. It is easier to alter bigger dresses to fit your body shape.
  • Make sure you know a seamstress nearby who will work on the fitting after you receive the dress. Most times, a little tweaking will be needed for a perfect fit.
  • Most online sites also have video descriptions of each dress you browse. This will give you a better visualization of what to expect. Make use of this.
  • Spend some time researching what you want, search for a list of dresses that inspire you and then start searching online.
  • Picking cheaper, yet designer Wedding dress online has become a popular trend these days. This means that every to-be bride is browsing for good designs day and night. Make sure you start early to not lose your perfect wedding dress to someone else!