12 Signs That Tell You’re Pregnant Before Your Doctor Does

May 22, 2018 Family Planning & Pregnancy
pregnancy signs

Pregnancy is an important event in a woman’s life. There are a number of pregnancy signs, apart from missing your period, that subtly indicate your pregnancy, even before your doctor can confirm it. Read on to learn about them.

1. Your body temperature is higher than normal

Higher basal body temperature may be a sign of pregnancy because your body is working overtime and literally heating up. Although the body’s core temperature can also increase due to vigorous exercise or hot weather, this can possibly indicate pregnancy when it occurs in conjunction with other factors.

2. You are feeling cramped and there is some spotting

At the time of the implantation of foetus, there may be slight bleeding that can be mistaken for a light period. It is important to track the nature of this type of bleeding.

3. You are experiencing extreme fatigue

Due to the raging progesterone levels, you feel sleepy even after having a good night’s sleep. A persistent feeling of exhaustion even early in the morning along with getting tired easily, are all part and parcel of being pregnant. Stay in a cool environment to avoid the fatigue associated with overheating.

4. Your heart rate is higher than normal

As there is a complete new life forming inside, your heart may begin pumping faster and harder to compensate for all the activity. This is considered to be normal, due to the sudden rush of hormones inside the body.

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5. Your breast is tingling, aching and growing larger

Breast changes can occur as early as the second week in some people, and that is the time when most pregnancies are not detected. These tender and swollen breasts are seen again due to the hormonal changes. Although this might go away after a few weeks once the body has adjusted to the hormones, the breast enlargement is one of the earliest detected signs.

6. You are experiencing extreme mood swings

High oestrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy can affect your mood by making you unusually emotional or reactive. These mood swings may also manifest in the form of depression, high irritability, anxiety and euphoria.

7. You are frequently visiting the bathroom more than regular days

In pregnancy, since the body increases the amount of blood it pumps, the kidneys are forced to process more fluid than usual. This leads to more fluid in your bladder, that causes more trips to the loo.

8. You experience nausea and vomiting early in the morning

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is commonly referred to as ‘morning sickness’, although it can happen during other parts of the day as well. At the time of waking up, the chances of feeling nauseous are way more as the body has been resting, and a sudden burst of energy messes with the hormone balance leading to a churning stomach.

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9. Your blood pressure is unusually high/low and you feel quite dizzy

In the initial stages of pregnancy, a high or normal blood pressure tends to drop. This is what causes a feeling of dizziness, as the blood vessels become dilated. Keep a check on constant low blood pressure as it may be dangerous.

10. You have recent food aversions and smell sensitivities

This is a symptom that only you can realize and speak to the doctor about. Sometimes, this smell sensitivity is so severe that it may trigger nausea and vomiting. Food aversions can even be of foods that you normally like.

11. You are gaining weight inexplicably

Now this is a dodgy one as you may well be eating your way to gaining weight. But, if you have no appetite and are still bloating and gaining weight, it might be because of the baby growing inside you.

12. You experience heartburn

Esophageal reflux is a common symptom of pregnancy and is felt in the form of heartburn. This happens because the hormones cause the valve between the stomach and esophagus to relax, allowing the stomach acid to leak. Be sure to take a pregnancy test after this, to be sure that this is a pregnancy-related symptom.