10 Types of Heels Every Woman Must Own

May 3, 2018 Fashion

Women have an unexplained attachment to heels. It makes them feel powerful, confident and sexier. If you love your heels too, below are ten types you just should not miss.

1. Kitten heels

For people who have just started to wear this style or are not comfortable with high heels, the kitten heels are a perfect solution. These come with a really low heel and are super comfortable to walk around in. If you have a long day ahead of you, this is a perfect model to pick.

2. Ankle strapped heels

For many first timers, the feeling of the heels slipping is terrifying. This is especially true with mid and high heels. In such cases, ankle straps are a boon. You can pick from so many kinds of ankle strapped Women heels online and these will secure the heel to your ankles, giving more support.

3. Wedges

Wedges offer you the same lift, yet are easier to walk with. There are so many colors and prints in such wedge Women heels online. Depending on the occasion, you can choose the right ones.

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4. Platforms

If you love high heels, yet want to stay comfortable, platforms are great choices. The soles of this type of heels are a bit thicker. This means there is more sole space and more balance too. When compared to other models of heels, the height difference between the front of the sole and the tip of the heel is lesser. This is also another reason why these are comfortable.

5. Pumps

Pumps are great for work and for all your casual outings. These usually look great with a mid to high heel range. You can get pump Women heels online in hundreds of colors and prints. All you have to do is find the right size.

6. Cut out heels

To add some cool element to your looks, pick the cut out Women heels online. As the name implies, these are cut out fashionably to show a bit of skin. These come in fully closed or peep out toes based on how you like them.

7. Heeled boots

Boots are a staple type of footwear in fall and in winters. You can get low, mid and high heeled boots in different materials and lengths. These go perfectly with denim and all your LBDs.

8. Peep toes

These are very elegant styles that pair well with most of your casual dresses. You can choose solid colors like black and grey and use these at work too. Peep toes with bows and other embellishments are great for parties and events.

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9. Corset heels

If you know what a corset is, this is an easy style to imagine. With lots of laces and a cut-out front, this looks amazing and very funky too!

10. Stilettos

These are the highest of all heels and will make you look smoking hot! If nothing but the best works for your look, then definitely get your own stiletto Women heels online. Though this takes a little time to get used to, these are worth the effort.

Your heels are your religion. There are so many options to pick from and each makes you look attractive and hot! Start building your heels wardrobe right away.