10 Natural Tips for Winter Skin Care

May 4, 2018 Natural Beauty Hacks

SChristmas is round the corner, and while we are basking in the warmth of the holiday season, we need to ensure that our skin also exudes a natural glow that would make us sparkle all the more! The key to countering all types of skin-related problems is to keep your skin hydrated. In addition, the best winter skin care tip is to avoid doing things that can rob your skin of moisture.

Here are some natural tips that will help you fight the dryness of winters, to make you look holiday-ready this Christmas season!

Hot showers are an absolute no-no

The first winter skin care tip is to simply avoid taking long hot water showers, as it strips your skin of moisture and essential oils. Take a tepid or lukewarm shower, not a cold shower, as that might lead to chills during winters! Avoid using perfumed soaps and body washes, by switching to a herbal variety that is gentler on the skin.

Massage your body

Before taking a bath, do a quick self-massage with oils such as coconut, almond, avocado and olive that help in hydrating the skin. You can add a few drops of essential oils like jasmine, orange or lavender for some aromatherapy while you’re at it. A mild massage on your arms, stomach, legs and face will roughly take 5-7 minutes, but will leave your skin glowing and soft throughout the day.

Use herbal moisturizers

Another winter skin care tip is to avoid using moisturizers that are heavily scented or have ingredients that do not appear to be natural. Instead, opt for herbal products that contain ingredients like aloe vera, calendula and chamomile.

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Gorge on veggies and fruits

The secret to great-looking skin is definitely having a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Avoid the sugar rush and opt for fruits as desserts. In fact, a great winter skin care tip is to eat fruits and vegetables of different colors, particularly those that are in season.

Drink plenty of water

Your skin needs to be hydrated in cold weather. Try to drink plenty of liquids such as decaffeinated teas and soups, which are great for your skin. Keep away from alcohol or beverages that contain caffeine and nicotine, as they have a dehydrating effect on your body and your skin.

Moisturize hands and feet overnight

To avoid having severely dry hands and cracked heels in the winter, adopt a night-time ritual of winter skin care by moisturizing your hands and feet by using cocoa or shea butter generously and covering them with socks and makeshift mittens to keep the moisture locked inside. You can even try soothing your feet cracks with peppermint or tea tree oils for some relief.

Prevent chapped lips

Lips are the most sensitive to weather changes, so it is important to ensure that they are kept moisturized throughout the day. Use lip balms that contain shea butter. You can also use olive/avocado oil. It is important to do this at least four times a day to leave your lips feeling soft and supple.

Protect exposed body parts with sunscreen

It is important to cover your exposed body parts with a good sunscreen when you step out into the snow, cold winds and rainfall. Although it is winter, it is important to apply sunscreen, as the winter sun can potentially damage your skin.

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Exfoliate regularly

The dry weather leads to a lot of layers of dead skin. Therefore, it is essential to exfoliate and get rid of these dead, dry layers to get rid of old skin cells that will leave behind fresh and smooth skin. Try to exfoliate at least once a week as a part of your winter skin care regimen for optimal results.

Install a humidifier

The massive heating systems inside our homes take out all the moisture from the air, which is not only bad for your respiratory system, but also for your skin. In order to maintain the level of moisture in the air, install a humidifier. This will stop your skin from drying, despite the heat.